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Caterham Academy 2017

Thu, Apr 28, 2016 4:01 PM

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The Caterham Academy is the perfect introduction to motorsport. Exclusively for drivers who have had no previous race experience, the Academy is an all-inclusive package containing every element required to start and compete in motorsport. Now in its twentieth sell-out year, nearly 1,000 drivers have started racing in the Caterham Academy.

The Academy package is unique. Available only to complete novices, it ensures a level playing field that guarantees all competitors have the same amount of experience - which is none! This means that the Academy driver can be assured that they will be sharing their first season in motorsport with twenty seven other drivers in exactly the same position. No secret racing legends from years gone by. No former champions. No past masters. It really is that simple. This is also combined with very closely controlled regulations which mean that Academy drivers will be racing in identical machinery. Team support is not allowed in this series, so technical support is provided as part of the Academy package at every event by Caterham. In this way, those with little or no mechanical experience are not at any disadvantage and you can't buy your way to the front of the grid.

Included in the price of the Academy is not only the season of competition, but all the steps a novice will need to get them ready for it too. The new field of Academy drivers take their racing-driver (ARDS) tests together in February, followed by a car-control day, then an exclusive circuit test day, all before the competition begins with two sprints. Along the way, technical training and support is given by Caterham before the season reaches its climax with five races at top UK circuits.

After the Academy year, most drivers want to continue racing and Caterham’s motorsport ladder has been specifically designed to accommodate this progression. The next rung on the ladder is the Caterham Roadsport Championship, which is a follow on year to Academy, exclusively for Academy drivers (and occasional invited novices). This means that the fun doesn't have to stop and the rivalries from the Academy season can be continued.

So, there it is. No hidden costs. No "cheque book racing". No wonder the Academy has sold out every year since it started in 1995!