TVR Cars For Sale

“Excited? We are!”

TVR is not only back, but it’s back in British hands and led by the very talented Les Edgar, a shrewd, successful and most importantly, passionate businessman and petrolhead. In conjunction with Gordon Murray, the designer of the phenomenal McLaren F1, to name but one of his masterpieces, and to be powered by a Cosworth V8 producing somewhere between 450 and 500bhp through side exit exhausts, the new TVR is literally going to “roar” back into life during 2017.

The “LE” Launch Edition car is to feature a full carbonfibre structure using the state of the art “iStream” manufacturing system. Later cars will feature a more conventional aluminium chassis and are likely to be shelled in fibreglass or a similar composite (albeit carbon panels will be a cost option).

We are delighted to announce that we have recently been re-appointed a member of the TVR Heritage Network and hope to see many more TVR’s returning back home to us here in Northwich. We had hoped this day would come and having spoken to the new management team, we are now in no doubt whatsoever that the thunder is back in TVR.

Over 300 orders have now been placed for the launch edition “LE” cars and we are delighted to share with you that we have ordered two vehicles for our own demonstration purposes. Production for 2017 is already sold out and, at the current pace, 2018 is likely to soon be in the same position.

Should you wish to secure your place in the reborn TVR family, you can place a build slot deposit directly with TVR by following this link and we will be recorded as your referring dealer.

If you want any further information, or just want to talk TVR, please phone our Sales Manager Steve Jeavons (TVR sales specialist since 1986) on 01616 41481.