Announcing the Oakmere Classic Team Lotus collection
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Announcing the Oakmere Classic Team Lotus collection

Fri, Jul 28, 2017 1:19 PM

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Oakmere Lotus are delighted to unveil four very special Lotus Elise models at Carfest North today.

It is forty years since our beloved founder Neil Shepherdson first became involved with the iconic Lotus brand. To mark this occasion, we approached Clive Chapman at Classic Team Lotus to request permission to produce a limited run of motorsport inspired and liveried cars.


We are privileged and honoured that Clive has broken away from the Silverstone Classic today to join us at Carfest for the launch of the Oakmere Classic Team Lotus collection and would like to thank him for his enthusiastic involvement and guidance in the creation of these very special cars.


Based on the philosophy of the great Colin Chapman, we have embraced the "light is right" philosophy when creating these iconic cars. Each model is based upon the phenomenal Sport 220 supercharged Elise and capable of 0-60 in a little over four seconds. We have avoided the temptation to add numerous extras which will increase weight and filter down the pure driving experience of these Lotus, favouring instead unique styling both inside and out.


Whilst there are four different special editions in the collection, two of each will be produced therefore totalling eight cars. The lucky new owners of these very collectable cars will receive a certificate of authenticity endorsed by Oakmere and Classic Team Lotus together with a wealth of "Type" related merchandise and most exciting, is the inclusion of a personal tour of the fascinating Classic Team Lotus facility for two people and the chance to see some of the beautiful historic Formula 1 Lotus which have inspired this collection.


Priced at £45,400, the cars are available to order from today. Following six months of planning and consultation and the occasional sleepless night, we are hugely excited to be able to finally share these beautiful cars with the public. Ladies and gentlemen, the Oakmere Classic Team Lotus collection....


Come down to Oakmere Lotus and see our full range of sports cars today!