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Our relationship with TVR dates back to 1986. Trading as Christopher Neil TVR and operating from our premises on Middlewich Road in Northwich, we very quickly established ourselves as one of the largest TVR dealers in the country.

The evolution of the marque was simply startling in those early years and we have fond memories of the early Tasmin or “wedge” as they were affectionately known. The range was extended and took on a new direction when the retro styled “S series” cars were introduced in 1987 culminating in the flagship V8S with it’s thunderous Rover V8, a personal favourite of ours. 

The real glory days of TVR in the early 1990’s saw the introduction of the iconic TVR Griffith and Chimaera which were followed a few years later by the fearsome Cerbera. During these years we represented TVR annually at the British Motorshow and even managed to circumnavigate the country in a Chimaera & Cerbera in 24 hours for charity!

Things got more serious still with the futuristic styled Tuscan and its slightly less crazy brother the Tamora. Whilst these models were well received, sales volumes were never set to reach the heady days of the 1990’s again. 

The new millennium marked the start of a period of change for both us and TVR. Whilst the T350 and Sagaris were undeniably stunning and brutish in every way, it was clear that the aspirations of TVR were not matched with the requirements of the customer. This unfortunately, coupled with the economic climate, conspired against TVR and following falling production, the company affectively ceased to exist as a manufacturer in 2006.

We have maintained a relationship with many of our TVR customers over the intervening years and continue to service, repair and restore these cherished and unique icons. We have continued to retail the best used examples of the marque and are always looking for pampered examples to add to our stock.

TVR has always had a very special place in our heart and we have been hoping that one day, just maybe...............................................

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